3 ways to reuse your tbh jar

3 ways to reuse your tbh jar

In honor of Global Recycling Day, we are celebrating by sharing our favorite ways to reuse your already completely recycled tbh jar! 

1. Makeup Brush/Pen Holder 🖊

Have extra pens laying around? An overflow of makeup brushes you don't know what to do with? Use your tbh jar to store those brushes and tidy up your space!

2. On-the-go Iced Coffee Container ☕️

If you're anything like team tbh, you're probably on the go and might need a little caffeine to keep you going throughout the day. Make a shaken espresso in your tbh jar by pouring your espresso and milk of choice over ice & shaking until frothy! Seal tightly with the yellow lid and it is the perfect grab and go iced coffee. 

3. Propagation Station 🌱

This is when a clear jar really comes in handy! Don't want to spend money on buying another plant for your already plant filled home? We don't either! Fill your cleaned jar with filtered water, place a strip of masking tap over the top of the jar, cut a small slit in the tape, place your plant clipping in the slit, making sure the cut side is submerged in the water. Place in a sunny area and wait for the roots to grow! Once there are substation roots, repot and watch it grow! Check out our TikTok if you're a visual person!

Have inventive ways you use empty tbh jars? DM us on Instagram and we will add to this list!