Earth Cups Strawberry tbh Smoothie

Earth Cups Strawberry tbh Smoothie

Our friends at Earth Cups believe in drinking sustainability, and so do we. So when we saw they were trying to get our attention on TikTok to collaborate, we challenged them with the task of creating a drinkable tbh recipe.

What they came up with was not only so delicious we had to share it with you all, but it's Noah's new favorite smoothie recipe. Keep reading to see the secret sauce behind this gem of a drink.


1 cup frozen strawberries
1 tbs tbh and extra for garnish
2 tbs oats
1/2 cup oat milk 


    1. mix all ingredients together in blender on high speed
    2. garnish cup with extra tbh
    3. pour smoothie blend from blender into earth cup and enjoy


    A huge thanks to our friends at EC for giving us a lesson in epic smoothie making. If you're looking for a compostable alternative to the OG red solo cup, head to the Earth Cups website to learn more.