Let's Get Honest with Bia Carminati

Let's Get Honest with Bia Carminati
Happy Earth Month! To celebrate, we are highlighting someone from our very own Umana Family, Bia. She is a founder, a drag race super fan, and sustainability queen!
We wanted to share her amazing story, so let's #gethonest with Bia👇

Q: What’s your name and role at Earth Speed Media?

A: Bia Carminati, co-founder and co-CEO at Earth Speed Media.

Q: Tell us about Earth Speed Media and the idea behind it. 

A: Earth Speed Media is a lifestyle platform and production company that celebrates the power of community and self-reliance. We are system of content, marketplace, online courses, and experiences for people who are interested in a more nature-based lifestyle.

Our current series is the documentary Earth Speed, launched in 2021, which follows Adrian Grenier’s trajectory on personal development and self-reliance, as well as the businesses and thought leaders that scale those values out in the larger society.

In the future, Earth Speed Media is set to offer a curated marketplace of sustainability-focused products and online courses, introducing our community to incredible experts who have mentored Adrian on his journey.

Q: In honor of Earth Month, can you tell us about the importance of buying into and supporting brands, companies, initiatives, etc. that are sustainability minded?

A: Empowering the individual is what we need right now. If we can all level up on an individual level, it’s easier to show up and participate; if people are inspired to have a relationship with the Earth, they’re more invested in the Earth; when they treat it better, they’re healed in the process.

So by supporting sustainability-minded initiatives, people are making sure something gets done now, in the present, and not in some far-fetched theoretical future. It is the surest way of making a difference.

Q: How can celebrity founded brands utilize their audience to share and educate about social issues? 

A: Awareness is the first step, right? Loud voices such as Adrian’s can play a role in making people more aware of not only what the problems are, but most importantly, what the solutions are. We are surrounded by real smart people bringing real solutions to the table, and spreading the word about them can make a difference in giving people autonomy for change. Like Adrian says: “I don’t see problems, I see solutions. I get excited about what’s possible.”

Q: What’s something easy and low-lift that you want to share and encourage people to do to support the planet? 

A: Getting humble and curious, rooting yourself in the soil and growing things, being creative in the real world and 3-D, not just online and behind screens.

Q: What’s your big massive goal at Earth Speed Media? Give us the biggest 🙂

A: We want to make a difference in people’s lives, in ways both big and small. We want Earth Speed to be the reference point to anyone looking to take a step towards a better relationship to our planet.

Q: Last one…what’s your favorite way to enjoy tbh? 

A: With a spoon, straight from the jar, while tucked in bed watching RuPaul’s Drag Race re-runs!
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