Let's Get Honest with Brittany from Realm Refillery

Let's Get Honest with Brittany from Realm Refillery

At tbh, sustainability is top of mind, especially when it comes to who we partner with! So when Brittany from the Realm Refillery reached out to us about carrying tbh in her zero-waste store, it was an immediate YES!

We wanted to share their amazing story, so let's #gethonest with Brittany👇

Q: What's your name & role at Realm Refillery?

A: Brit, I'm the Co-Owner

Q: What sparked the creation for Realm Refillery?

A: The Realm Refillery was inspired by an overseas trip where I saw many stores similar to ours. After moving to Portland, I realized there wasn't a grocery option like this in our community, we saw the need for a more ethical & less wasteful shopping experience. My partner Ryan & I knew we had to do it. We just wanted to create a safe and more mindful experience while prioritizing the needs of our community.

Q: What kind of consumers have you seen since opening?

A: We’ve seen just about everyone it seems! From Portland natives who tell us stories of when all grocery stores had large bulk departments, to younger folks whom are trying to help reduce their carbon footprint to make a difference in the world!

Q: Why was tbh a good product fit for Realm Refillery?

A: TBH was naturally a great fit for The Realm because our similar missions. TBH provides an ethical alternative to a food product that is near and dear to many people. We strive to offer unique and ethical foods in a bulk setting to help people reduce their waste. It’s really incredible to see two new businesses working together to reduce waste and create a more just food system.

Q: What do you take into consideration when finding a new brand to carry?

A: Generally when considering a new brand, the first thing we look at is how close they are in proximity to the store. We tend to not reach out past the PNW area unless someone offers a truly unique product that aligns with our values. Every now and then we find a product that we truly believe in! 

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