let's get honest with João

let's get honest with João
Are you a sports fan? Then this LGH is for you! This month, we chatted with our friend João Paulo, professional soccer player and investor in tbh!
We wanted to share his amazing story, so let's #gethonest with João👇

Q: What’s your name, and what do you do?

A: Joao Paulo Mior, I’m a professional Brazilian soccer player playing in the MLS.


Q: As a professional soccer player, why is it important to be conscious of the foods you eat and put in your body?

A: As a high performance athlete, I’m conscious that my body and mind should be in balance to be able to better perform in the field, and that’s why a controlled diet is important to me. It gives me the condition to not just perform for my team, but also to recover well and be ready for the full season, travels and all the championships. 


Q: What interested you in tbh? Why did you invest in the company?

A: As a father of two beautiful kids, I want to leave a legacy to them, and it starts by consuming responsibly. tbh, as a company, has a very interesting mission which totally aligns with what I believe for the future of my family.

Q: How could athletes incorporate tbh and better-for-you snacks in their lives, portfolios, or routines?

A: Aside from being athletes with very restricted nutrition habits, we’re human beings. I myself love snacking on something sweet, mainly with my kids! tbh is the perfect balance for me because of the ingredients. I think athletes have the power to influence other people on how to care more about our bodies, the food we consume and other habits, and that’s how I try to incorporate tbh in my routine. 


Q: What’s your big massive goal? Give us the biggest 🙂 

A: I really wish that we all, athletes and people that have the power to influence other people, can change the world. It’s a long journey, but we can definitely be part of a mission to build a better world for our children.
Q:  What was your favorite childhood snack?

A: That's a good one. I used to love bisnaguinha (which is kind of a Brazilian bread) with Nutella. Now I’m totally addicted to the same bisnaguinha but with tbh, of course.


Q:  What’s your favorite way to eat tbh?

A: There are some variations. At home we like the bisnaguinha, but we also eat a lot of tbh and waffles (the vegan homemade ones!), it’s soooo good.

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