Our Planet

An honest commitment to do better.

We started tbh with a vision to do things better. We did it and we'll keep at it because meaningful change is a long game.

Above all, we strive to be transparent and direct. And to be honest, sometimes the supply chain is a challenge when it comes to sustainable standards. We are moving against the grain to give you the snackable goodness that you deserve, something that is better for you and the planet. We are beyond proud of the product we are putting into the world but we've also got big plans to make incremental improvements as we go.

Our aspiration is to encourage and enforce practices that will make a more sustainable supply chain the status quo. But it takes more than aspiration. It takes action. This means reinvesting in our values to eliminate plastic packaging, localize shipping throughout our supply chain and using less material waste through the entire production process. Those are our goals and we are so grateful to have you along for the ride.

Do you want to see more or have a suggestion of how we can do things better? Reach out. Keep us honest.

Keeping Our Footprint Low
& Our Impact High

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Recycled Plastic Jars

We aim to reuse what already exists to eliminate the need for using virgin materials.

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Shipping Boxes

Each box fights deforestation. All of the fibers used in our boxes are replaced 20x over through planting trees, in an effort to give life back to our forests.

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Made in the USA

Our manufacturing happens close to home. We reduce fuel consumption by keeping our ingredients and materials close.

Snack better, together.

The more you snack the more trees get planted. That's pretty cool, but it's only one small way to make change. We are in this to make conscious choices to do things differently—more sustainable, more nutritious, more everything—and we'd love for you to join us.

Ways to take action


Voting is never not important. Even when a Presidential election feels far away, there are still mid-terms, run-offs and local races where your particiption really matters. If you aren't old enough to vote, there are plenty of other ways to get involved.

Talk to your Reps

Calling Congress is easier than you think. If there's an issue you really care about, give them a ring—they do work for you. Handy organizations like 5 Calls can take the heat off. You provide some basic information and they produce a script you can follow.

Eliminate Palm Oil

tbh, this is very close to our hearts. Deforestation is what really keeps us up at night and it's what we're here to change. Cleanse your cupboard and discover other ways to preserve our planet's forests, fight climate change and advocate for human rights. There's a ton you can do and even more you can learn—educating yourself is a great place to start.

Take Care of Yourself

Before we ask you to take care of the planet, we want to make sure you take care of yourself. Food is just one way to treat your mind and body with extra care. It's critical to also start your own routines and rituals. It doesn't have to be too big or take too long to make a real difference. Take a walk, pause for five deep breaths, or carve out a few minutes to catch up with a friend.

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