Let's Get Honest with Anvi and Esha

Let's Get Honest with Anvi and Esha
Happy August fam! The summer is coming to an end which means it's back to school season! To celebrate, we chatted with our college ambassadors Anvi & Esha to hear about school, their dreams, and all things tbh! 
We wanted to share their amazing stories, so let's #gethonest with Anvi & Esha👇

Q: What’s your name, and what do you do?

Anvi: Anvi Banga, tbh college ambassador

Esha: Esha Julka, tbh college ambassador


Q: Tell us about yourselves! What are your majors, year, and why you wanted to be involved in tbh?

Anvi: I’m a rising senior at Barnard College, and I’m majoring in computer science and minoring in science and public policy. I wanted to be involved in tbh because I was interested in mission-based small companies. It’s so exciting to learn about how tbh’s commitment to its values guides every decision that’s made.

Esha: I am a rising senior at Barnard College! I study computer science and education. I’ve always been fascinated with the creator economy and celebrity-led brands. tbh is a business that caught my eye (and taste buds) because of the creativity behind the brand! 


Q:  As Gen Z students, what do you care about when it comes to supporting a brand?

Anvi: When I think about which brands to support, I think the most important thing is when a brand delivers on what it promises. I respect the brands that don’t have to resort to false advertising or marketing gimmicks, because the product is genuinely the real deal.

Esha: When it comes to supporting a brand, I wanted to be associated with one that embodied my own personal values. After all, it is an extension of my persona both online and in real life. I love that I get to see so many powerful women running tbh! Representation means so much to me as a customer and an ambassador. The brand's environmental vision and commitment is also a large factor in my decision to work with the company!

Q: What will you take from being an ambassador at tbh and apply to your post-grad lives?

Anvi: Through all of our brainstorming sessions and events, I’ve learnt how to approach a challenge from a creative angle and then actually execute what we set out to do. I’ve learnt how to pivot when we face roadblocks and communicate with other people in the industry, as well as other young people interested in getting to know the brand. 

Esha: Throughout my time as an ambassador, I have been a part of several tbh sponsored events which have improved my communication, organization,  and marketing skills. We’ve put on events that reached over 200 individuals! No matter what field I choose to pursue post-grad, I know I will be confident in my ability to ideate and execute any project.

Q: What has been your favorite tbh activation or collab?

Anvi: My favorite tbh activation was our first one, where we set up a table on Barnard’s campus during the Earth Day festival. This was the first time most people had heard of tbh, and it was so much fun giving out samples and seeing people’s eyes light up when they tried tbh for the first time.

Esha: I absolutely loved our “finals-fuel” event that we did in December! Even though I felt like my hands were going to fall off because of how cold it was, I had the best time. We were in our Snack Society sweatshirts handing out tbh-infused coffee - what could be better than that?!

Q: It’s back to school time, so what are your go-to meals for the days with back to back classes

Anvi: When I know I’ll have a busy day, I like to make a quick pasta the night before so I can just reheat it and go.

Esha: I have a banana-chocolate chip oat bar in my backpack at all times!!


Q: What are your big massive goals? Give us the biggest 🙂

Anvi: My big massive goal is to create a technology-driven startup that’s able to help reduce carbon emissions on a massive scale. There is so much research being done on technologies that can help mitigate climate change, but there is a lack of organization and prioritization that’s stopping us from making the change at the scale that is necessary. I have no idea what this would look like at this point, but I want to keep being exposed to small steps that companies are taking to reduce their climate impact, because I believe that it can truly build up to something huge.

Esha: My long-term dream is to open a school with a curriculum that allows students to learn traditional subjects in a variety of real-world contexts. For example, instead of having all students take “english 101”, there could be a class like “writing for future scientists.” Students would be taught grammatical concepts while learning the structure of research papers. We could have “math for sports analysts” or “Science for make-up artists.” I strongly believe this kind of learning increases content retention and enhances one’s overall education experience!

Q:  What’s your favorite way to eat tbh?

Anvi: tbh, peanut butter, banana, and a drizzle of honey on toast is absolutely divine

Esha: tbh and strawberries are my ultimate combination.

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